Stressful Day To Do List

emotional health stress relief Nov 23, 2020
You flying by the seat of your pants everyday was not suppose to be the pace of your life.
You aren't meant to wake up, be busy, stress, and die.
You were meant to thrive within, know your worth, love who you and live as your full self.
You are not meant for the pay bills and die route, this would be such a exhausting life.
So, decide today… How do you want to live? 
On purpose, with clarity, peace, and completely by your own rules?
This is what you deserve. 
So I’m sharing with you 6 tools that will help you shift from stress (go go go mode) to inner peace & flow mode✨
☀️ Sunshine: Get outside, that is all
👋🏼 Ask for help: You weren’t meant to do this thing called life alone
💨 1:00 + of breathwork: Take a deep breath in & hold....imagine letting go of something...& exhale...repeat as needed
🧘‍♀️ Take a mindful break: Sit in the grass, take a phone free walk, meditate
🥘 Choose comfort: Lighting a candle, cozy in a blanket, house shoes, a warm meal?
🎼 Jam tunes as you move to em: Find me on Spotify for the thrivin vibes playlist
Drop one stress tool you are adding to your list today ✨💛


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