Ways To Increase Your Energy

self love Nov 24, 2020
You know what keeps draining your energy?!⁣
Putting you last...ya ya you’ve heard this before but really lean in here...⁣
Your energy is a superpower.⁣
“Kelsey, I love your energy! How do you stay so energized!?“⁣
Listen, it wasn’t always this way. I used to be powered by caffeine & “things” to keep me going...⁣
Truth is, the things that truly give you energy aren’t the coffee, green juices, and energy drinks...⁣
If you hang around here you know I am all about helping you THRIVE in life vs just survive. ⁣
So how do you live a energy filled life?!⁣
Here are 6 ways to create thriving energy!⁣
✌🏼Be you: Show up as you, not the one that conforms to those around you. ⁣
🧘‍♀️Practice meditating: The idea isn’t to shut off your brain, it’s to observe & notice. Need some help here? Message me & Ill send you a free guided meditation ⁣
🚫Say no: Simple, yet challenging, yet everything. ⁣
🌬Deep breathe: Let’s do it together, inhale.....& exhale......ahhhhh rinse & repeat⁣
🚶🏼‍♀️Move your body: Emotions are energy in motion...get that blood flowing ⁣
📓 Brain dump: Journal or talk out what’s going on in your head. Powerful way to get out of your head and get present 💛
If this is helpful, SHARE & SAVE! ⁣
Ps. Creating space to honor & care for you is where it begins. Start with 5 mins...⁣
You are alive ✌🏼 thrive!⁣
You deserve it. ⁣
Remember energy is a superpower! ⁣

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